Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Next time don't just smile

Dulu masa bersekolah di Kg Congo, kami ada seorang cikgu biologi. Namanya Miss Alice Tan. Kalau dia marahkan anak muridnya, dia akan kata,
"I hang you on the fan!"


Yesterday I had class for the first time this semester. So at 8am I went up to the second floor. I entered the classroom. Only one student.


8.05am. Still the two of us.


8.15am. Still nobody else.

La la la.

8.20am. A handful of them came together. Most probably from the cafeteria after their breakfast. But still no full attendance.

Okay. Takpe. I'll do a movie screening.

Everybody let's go to the mini theatrette and watch a movie.
Yeay! Everybody's happy.

Still no sign of the rest.

8.50am. One measly student sneaked into the projection room while we were watching the French movie.

He sat down. I looked at him. He looked at me. And all he did was smile. That was it. Just one lopsided smile. No apologies, no nothing. Not even a simple Bonjour.

So I went to my handbag and took out my pink mini neutron blaster. I took a shot and shrank him to Lego man size. And then I shoved him into the inside pocket of my handbag. Susah jugak nak zip poket tu. Tak habis-habis budak tu meronta.

Now the tiny boy is in an empty hamster cage in my office. I have tied him to the spinning wheel to make him run. Since he doesn't seem interested to join my class, he might as well just stay put in the cage. Sekurang-kurangnya adalah hiburan sikit di masa-masa saya bosan di pejabat.

And whenever I see him faltering, I will poke his behind with a sharp toothpick. Just to keep him going. Because I need the constant kinetic energy to run the portable mini fan I have on my table.

Hahahaha. Baru puas hati aku.

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  1. can i borrow ur pink mini neutron blaster?? please please....

  2. liza: Boleh. But it's still charging :)

  3. Brutal giler...later when you are over & done with this lil hamster boy, you may donate him to your biology teacher, Ms. Alice Tan to dissect.