Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When classes start, strange things happen

Use of certain words deemed inappropriate in this blog entry is solely for illustrative purposes.

Overheard at the cafe this morning between two students:

-Oi babi ko mandi tak pagi ni? Muka berminyak je.
-Mende lu butoh. Ko pun sama je la.

Where I work, an animal can talk to a human appendage and still understand each other.

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  1. that's very "stylo" talk, i think, among youth today..

  2. that i faced when i in first day class of my degree... haah!!! but, not all. only few student je yg camtuh.. ramai lagi yg masih tertib & sopan.

  3. Fathiah: I guess it is. I just wish that they wouldn't use vulgar words so openly in front of everyone.

    Mie: That's true. They represent only a small number in the institute. I have many many students who are polite and well-behaved.