Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baling batu sembunyi tangan (atau mungkin saya sudah tersilap peribahasa)

There's this person whom I've added in my Facebook as a friend who perplex me. He loves to comment other people's status. He enjoys commenting other people's photos. Komen panjang berjela sampai boleh dibaca sebagai cerita pendek. He writes on other people's walls on a regular basis. So far this is all normal stuff. Ini sesuatu yang biasa bagi seorang pengguna Facebook tegar.

And he does so on my wall too. But sometimes this person writes comments that I deem somewhat inappropriate given the fact that he does not know me that well. Maybe he thinks it's cool. Or maybe he thinks it's funny. I find it offensive. To the point where I have had to delete a few of them from my FB wall. I even thought of deleting him from my list of friends.

Then one fine day I decided to write on his wall. I actually had the intention of telling him not to post anything on my wall that others (as well as myself) might find deragotary. I mean, try not to use the f**k word in every sentence. Nak tulis guna slanga ala African American tapi English grammar berterabur. Itu yang aku lagi sakit mata bila baca.

Well anyway back to my story when I visited his FB wall I was surprised to find that he has disabled all wall postings or comments. Meaning to say I can't write on his like he did on mine. Hmmm. Apa ni brader. Tak jantan langsung. Come on la.

Mano a mano la bro. Barulah adil dan saksama.

Can't you handle the truth? Or do you have something to hide?

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  1. Hahaha... he has no life lah Yati. His life is FB. Bangsa yg suka mengata but tak suka dikata (wah... my malay not bad jugak, huh). Tapi nanti you push him to the edge and then dia jadi stalker (I think I've been watching too much Crime & Investigation channel).
    Anyway, I've always abide to what my mom used to tell me, 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  2. sham: i have totally ignored this person. sometimes i wonder why he requested to add me as friend in the first place when he didn't have anything nice to say to me at all! and btw your mom's a wise woman. :D

  3. i guess some people feel that by putting other people down, it makes them feel so much bigger and better. Little do they know, by doing that they are just belitling (is this even a word?) themselves.
    And my mommy is wise...pasal tu anak dia so well balanced... muahahahahaha! ;-D