Thursday, February 4, 2010

I believe I can fly

This morning I had breakfast with my niece. She was preparing to go to school and me to work. As we were both enjoying our scrambled eggs, she noticed that our two cats were sitting right beside my chair and staring at me. Then one of them meowed at me. I talked to her a bit, telling her to wait. She meowed again.

My niece asked me, "Is Tina talking to you, Mak Long?"
"Yes. She's hungry. She wants her food."
She asked again, "Oh! So you told her to wait until you finish your breakfast?"
"And she meowed again to say okay?"
"I think so."
"Wow. You can talk to cats. That's so wonderful. I knew my Mak Long had magical powers."

I smiled. All the way to work this morning I felt like a superhero.

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  1. huhuhu budak2 imaginasi tinggi sangat

  2. Lelaki Autumn: heheh memang rasa hebat bila ada kuasa majik :D

    danishahumaira: anak buah i ni memang sangat kuat berangan :D

  3. Joanne: heheh. must think of other super powers now to impress her. and to entertain myself :D