Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Madame masih di era 80an OK! Steady la beb!

Once in class there was this student who kept mispronouncing a word in French despite him asking me the correct pronunciation several times. Then I jokingly told him that he sounded like a broken record.

"Broken record tu apa Madame?"

So I had to explain about how a record player functions and what happens when a scratchy record is played.

"Ohh..nanti melompat ya Madame?"

By this time nearly everyone in class was trying to explain to him what I meant. The puzzled boy seemed to understand a little bit more.

"Ahhh...macam corrupted MP3 file la Madame!"

Errr...ye la kot.

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  1. aiyooo....suruh student tu practis dgn dinding like i did....haha

  2. hahaha....you should try explaining about floppy discs plak......

  3. Lelaki Autumn: susah nak kena keep up ni :)

    Le Chevalier: samapai sekarang ke awak suka cakap dengan dinding? :)

    dewee: i've given up! :D

  4. Suruh budak tu tonton Electric Dreams on History Channel. Best weh.....remind me of zaman cassette besar bagak!