Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today our office was cleaned by three lady surface technicians (the politically correct term for cleaner, or so they say). As one of them came to my cubicle to sweep before mopping the floor, I noticed that she was wearing a new pair of shoes. She wore a pair of Crocs, the denim loafer ones.

-Waa auntie pakai kasut baru ya hari ni.
-Ya la saya baaaaanyak suka ini kasut. Baaaanyak sedap.
-Tapi ini kasut lelaki la auntie.
-Wooo. Betul ka adik? Saya tada tau. Ini anak juga kasi.
-Oh bagus la. Bukan auntie beli?
-Mana saya ada duit? Yillek. Tapi anak juga ada beli. Saya banyak senang hati.

Awwww. That really warmed my heart. I learned two things from her today. The first thing is that a parent will always appreciate gifts from their children if it comes from the heart. The second is that no matter how old you are, just talk to someone much older and chances are that person will call you "adik".

Heheh. Sori. Itu joke mesti mau juga. Tada kalu hati susah. Tada suka. Yillek.

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  1. yela..nnt kite panggil amdm adik yati..erkk..aiseh..kelu lidah nk berkata haha

  2. heheh. alaaa boleh laaa...bagi la chance sikit...heheh