Sunday, April 4, 2010


If you use the PLUS highway you will see a giant billboard across the highway near Serdang. At present there is an advertisement for water filters, air filters and bidets by Coway. You really can't miss it. It's so huge you can probably see it from the moon (okay tasteless joke, so cliche and predictable).Today I saw the ad for the first time. And it made me smile because the brand name sounds uncannily like another range of products that sell everything under the sun.

I find this rather amusing because if you notice here in Malaysia every foreign brand has a little sister or brother that bears almost the same name but not quite. Adidas has Asadi or Adibas; Nina Ricci has a little brother called Nino Ricci. If you have time, try and go shopping for discounted clothes at a popular outlet store here in KL. You'll find not only Diesel jeans, but Gas or Petrol.

And I won't be surprised if one day there will be another shop near Santai Suri that is called Santau Suri. That would be a voodoo shop. Or Santai Sari. Selling Indian textile maybe?

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  1. Santai soruu.....hehehe....kedai makan perhaps :)