Saturday, April 3, 2010


We have a lot of pets in the house. Initially we started with two cats. Then my niece was born seven years ago. As she grew up, she started to take a liking to Momoi and Tina. But the way she expressed her fondness for them was a little different. My cats didn't like it one bit when she sat on them. But as the years passed, she began to love animals. And seeing the cats every day gave her the idea that she ought to have a pet of her own as well.

And so she told her Atok. Who then bought her a pet water turtle. At first she took an interest in Agus (that's the name we gave him but frankly it's hard to tell a turtle's gender just from visual inspection) but it lasted a few days. So for a year now my mom has been Agus' official caretaker, washing him and changing the water. My dad has taken on the role of the turtle feeder. Me, I'm stuck in the purchasing department. Buying the turtle pellets, the big turtle tub and a few white pebbles to decorate his home. When he was welcomed into the household he was the size of a 50 sen coin. Now he's as big as a dinner plate and weighs as much as my cat. Kalau dikosongkan cengkerangnya mungkin sudah boleh bikin topi combat.

Then on today's episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman on channel 707 (Travel & Living), he travelled to the Australian Outback to sample some of the local culinary specialties. And in the Outback, you eat what you have living around you in order to survive. And that meant putting a whole wallaby and a water turtle to roast on an open fire. The TV host was treated to wallaby tail and turtle intestines and meat. He said that the flesh tasted like veal.

While watching the programme I looked at Agus floating around in his tub. As ugly as I think he is, I don't think I'll ever have the heart to have him for dinner. Even in a life or death situation. I think I'd go look for green ants first. They're supposed to be a better source of protein. And crunchy to boot. With a hint of citrusy flavor.

Oh and we also have three ikan puyu. But they just do their own thing in their plastic fish aquarium on the washing machine in the kitchen. And enjoy the absolute jacuzzi experience when the washing machine starts to vibrate during spinning mode.

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  1. nice name Agus.....panggil wak Agus sbb turtle kan kedut2......hehehe yek.....ada org makan turtle?

  2. ada kak! kat malaysia pun ada orang makan turtle :)