Sunday, March 28, 2010

Malaysian hospitality

On the way to the spa this morning I had to stop at a traffic light. My car was right behind a big truck. Then out of nowhere, a motorcycle sped to the front and stopped in front of me.

It was quite a long wait for the traffic light to turn green. Sementara menunggu, sempatlah saya pasang radio, kuatkan air-cond, telefon mekanik kereta untuk confirmkan tarikh tukar timing belt, betulkan cermin dan cabut bulu kening.

The old man who was on the motorcycle in front of me also seemed to be looking for something in his shirt pocket. Selalunya bila seorang lelaki membuat aksi meraba-raba dada kirinya, hanya ada dua kemungkinan: a) dia mengalami serangan sakit jantung, ataupun b) dia sedang mencari sebatang rokok untuk dihisap. This uncle then got off his Lagenda, walked to the truck driver, and asked for a ciggie from him.

When he got what he wanted, he went back to his bike. Ooops. Lighter pulak tak ada. Another stroll to the truck. Belum sempat dia sampai, an arm extended out of the rolled down window and a finger flicked the lighter. The old man lit his cigarette, went back to his motorbike for the second time, betul-betulkan sikit posisi rokok di mulut and was ready to go. By this time the light turned green. And we all went our way.

Wow. Talk about perfect timing.

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  1. ha ah aha..Auntie, you seem to have forgotten our over-used mantra ek?

    anyway, told Mom about your spa, insha-ALLAH she'll try and visit when she has the time..:D

    xoxo, Zaza

  2. zaza: heheh. i was thinking about that catch phrase all along! cuma tak tertaip je. and thanks for telling your mom about santai suri. she's always welcome you know. you too! :)

  3. We can end wars like that, you know? Men just have this "brotherhood bond" when it comes to ciggies. They don't ask for directions, but they will not hesitate asking for a ciggie or a lighter (Bulat is included in this category). M-E-N!