Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wind wind wind

This evening one of my close friends treated a few of us for dinner at a seafood restaurant. We had lala, prawn, steamed seabass, pucuk paku goreng sambal belacan, sweet and sour crabs, salted egg crabs and steamed buns. I literally licked the salted egg from the crab shells. Absolutely yummy. And now I'm all gung-ho to face a few days of water retention from all the extra sodium intake.

On the way home I had trouble talking in the car due to a bout of hiccups. Most probably from all the eating and drinking and talking. My friend commented on how it's funny I still can get hiccups at my age.

Orang tua-tua cakap kalau kanak-kanak kecil tersedu-sedu maknanya nak membesar atau meninggi lagi. God have mercy on me if it meant adding a few more inches to my 5'11'' height. Death by decapitation from the fan blades in the living room of your house sounds rather painful and messy.

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