Friday, March 26, 2010

aKew bk@n Dak hinGusanZ myspace occay!

I got this text message a few minutes ago from one of my ex-students (and none of the content has been changed):

''bOnjouR m@daME how R u? iNGat largIye x kat s@yeww nIeYy .. walaupunzz maD@me slaRlew marAh kt sayerr i stIlL misS u la m@@m ahaks sumTiMEz sy 6pk miz kt TtDi tp nak tewgo maluwww hik hik''

I cannot remember who the student is because he/she didn't give me his/her name. So I cannot remember why I was always angry at him/her. But after the hassle of trying to decipher the sms, sekarang ni aku jadi marah balik.

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