Sunday, March 21, 2010

Je m'appelle Nurhayati Yahya

This morning my students sat for their mid-semester French test. At the end of the one-hour test, I discovered a few things about my students. Besides the fact that everyone thought the test was difficult, I also found out that not every one of them knew how to spell my name correctly.

So I've compiled a list:

My real name (as it appears on my IC): Nurhayati Binti Yahya

Here are the variants cooked up by them:

-Miss Yati
-Madam Nurhayat
-Mme Nur Hayati
-Mrs Noor Hayati (I have now the option of being either single or married)
-Cik Siti Nurhayati
-Miss Noor
-Nurhayati bte Yaman

...and last but not least, ''Puan''. Let's just keep it short and simple, shall we?

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  1. hahahahha, kak. Nurhayati bte Yaman paling kelakar. hahahahhaha.gelak guling-guling dah ni.

  2. siti: heheh. at least ada la Y tu. :)