Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paku dulang paku serpih

This morning I stopped by the petrol station on the way to work. My car was behind another big German make. A lovely piece of creation. Alaa yang headlights dia orang panggil angel eyes tu.

Well anyway the owner of the car was cleaning the windshield while waiting for the fuel tank to be filled up. After everything was done, he got into the car and drove off. He had forgotten to put down his wipers. It looked kind of funny to see them sticking out like that. I told the station attendant, "Macamana la dia boleh lupa. Kan wiper tu depan mata." Adik tu mengangguk tanda setuju.

As I drove off slowly out of the station after refuelling I looked at the rear view mirror and saw the Adik waving frantically at me. And showed at something at my car. Apa lagi ni.

I had forgotten to close the fuel tank door shut. It was sticking out like a sore thumb.

Mesti Adik tu berfikir, "Drebar perempuan. Standard la."

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  1. hahahaha!the world is round dear.........everything goes back to cash nowadays.... :)

  2. Kak Ani: Betul! Bak kata Ibrahim Pendek dalam filem Ali Baba Bujang Lapok, "Mari kita tengok siapa yang kena!" :D

  3. ha ha ha ha...don't tell my Mom & Dad tau..this incident happened while they were in the States a few years back. Along and me were trusted to take care of the Merz and there was once we went to the petrol kiosk to pump petrol and drove off once done, only to realize that the cap was left on top of the pump..nasib baik when we drove back to the pump, the cap was theredah lah kalau nak beli bendalah tu je habes duit elaun mingguan I..and now, I am thankful that my car's petrol cap is chained to the flap of the tank hu hu hu...kalau hilang jugak Auntie, I dunno....:P

  4. Good one !!
    have a nice day...

  5. hahaha.. kelakarla.. this will indeed be a good day for me.. :D.. pagi2 dah gelak..

  6. zaza: it runs in the family! :)

    abg dess: merci. you too have a great day ahead :)

    intan: heheh. take care beb! :)