Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cafe sign

At the institute cafeteria there's a sign that says:

"Kurangkan gula dalam minuman. Lebihkan manis dalam senyuman."

But they never charge me less when I ask for teh tarik kurang manis. Walaupun jika saya memberi mereka senyuman yang begitu manis sehingga semut menghurung bibir.

Can I lodge a complaint at the CAP? Or is this beyond their bidang kuasa?

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  1. pathetic innit..?!

    less sugar, sugar free products, unpolished rice, lo-fat milk, skimmed milk, wholemeal products...
    they all cost a lot more than their sugar laden, polished and white bread stuffs... how come?

    i'd thought the less stuff you put in means less cost..?!

  2. abg red: and what's even worse, sugar free doesnt really mean tak ada gula! jangan tertipu!