Monday, July 12, 2010

Muay Thai


We used to have a black cat who chose to live at our house for a few weeks a long time ago (ini jenis kucing tanpa visa tetap). We called him Blackie. No surprises there. Everybody in the house lacks creative juices when it comes to naming cats. Kucing hitam? Blackie. Kucing kelabu? Abu. Kucing betina? Tina. Kucing betina hitam yang banyak kerenah? Diva Letchumee.

Well anyway one of Blackie's character that I found totally annoying was that he had the skill of making himself totally limp and lifeless when we had to put him outside, ie when we wanted to go out. He would just transform into a dirty black rug and you had to pull/push/do whatever is necessary to get him out. Once I tried using just my foot to shoo him away. He just slid across the floor, down the stairs and out of the door. Just like moving a rug with your foot.

(fast forward)

A few days ago I followed a girlfriend for a free Muay Thai trial lesson in a studio in PJ. We arrived there an hour early to get some breakfast before doing the class. I was hoping the appam with brown sugar would give me all the strength and stamina that I needed to go through the session. Dah lama tak pergi gym ni lingkaran lemak yang begitu tebal semakin melilit abdomenku.

Each one of us had one instructor assigned to teach us. Mine was a young Muay Thai fitness instructor right out of UiTM (nampak gayanya la). Pleasant and polite. The first few minutes was the introduction to the different punches: jab, cross, hook, uppercut. Then you had to practise the punches with the instructor as your sparring partner. So since this was one-on-one there was absolutely no room for "mengelat". If you were in a big gym studio doing a bodycombat class with 30 other people, for example, rasa-rasa dah penat tu pergi je la ke tepi studio and relax for awhile. Minum air ke, lap peluh ke, buat-buat ikat tali kasut ke kan.

At the end of 30 minutes I started to feel faint. I felt that I had to sit. I told the instructor that I was very tired. He allowed me to rest for awhile. So I went to the corner of the ring (yes we were in a proper boxing/muay thai ring okay don't play play) and plopped myself down on the floor. Dah tak peduli dah apa orang lain nak kata.

The instructor let me sit down for a few minutes and then asked me to get up and continue doing some kicks. I said no. He said okay only learn one more kick. I said okay asalkan boleh belajar sambil duduk. He said mana boleh kalau kaki dah melunjur tu. I replied well then no more kicking. He came towards me to help me up.

I crossed my legs. And made myself limp and lifeless. Just like Blackie. And you'd have to be a freakishly strong man with superhuman power to carry 70kilos of dead weight from sitting position to standing up. The instructor gave up and helped me take off my boxing gloves.

At that moment I thought of the black cat and only had these words for him: "Thanks dude. I owe you one."

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  1. cannot imagine Yati jadi rug though... haha!

  2. patunghujan: he taught me a lot! :)

    k airul: i'd be a big pink one :D