Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot or cold?

One day I had this conversation with my niece about her new topic of interest: living in the Antartica. She'd been reading or more likely looking at pictures of creatures of the sea and was convinced that the South Pole was the ideal place to be. And since she was going to be staying in the cold, she wanted to be a walrus as well. It was okay to be a walrus even if it meant putting on a lot of weight and having difficulty moving and limited personal space around you when thousands of your own species are all hanging around on the same beach or piece of land at the same time. Not to mention having those long tusks to keep and maintain. Susahnya untuk menyebut huruf-huruf vokal dan berkomunikasi dengan kehadiran taring yang panjangnya hingga ke dada.

-Aina tau tak berapa banyak nak kena spend nanti untuk beli Colgate kalau Aina jadi walrus? Gigi dia panjang tau.
-Mak Long, those are not teeth. Itu tusks. I can just clean it with a brush and water.

OK. Mental note #1: Do some research on a walrus' dental/tusk hygiene.

After that short but intellectual conversation, we went to the petrol station nearby to buy newspaper. She followed me into the mart. I noticed her wrinkling her eyebrows but didn't ask her what was wrong.

Later, in the car on the way home, she told me, "It was so freezing cold in the kedai just now Mak Long. You know what, I don't think I want to go to Antartica if it's so cold like that. I think I want to go to Africa now. And live in the Safari."

Errrr. OK. Mental note #2: Look up on the dental/tusk hygiene of an elephant instead of a walrus now. That's also another one of her favorite animals.

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  1. You got me crackin' as usual. If you compile this into a book, it'll be a bestseller! Make that your 2011 resolution!