Friday, July 9, 2010

Puntianak dan serigala

Yesterday I went to the movies for the first time in ages. One of my girlfriends bought us tickets to go see Eclipse from the Twilight saga. To the uninitiated (read: uninterested) like me, it's actually a modern day vampire story. If you read the printed version, I think there are already 4 volumes, and counting.

Eclipse is the third installment of the movie trilogy. But not the last, I heard cos they're making the fourth one. So I shouldn't be calling it a trilogy. I didn't watch the first and second. But still could understand the whole concept of ''female mortal human trapped between making the decision of choosing who she wants to be with: to get married to a vampire and be one of them or remain her physical self thus saving her soul but instead confess her love to a werewolf aka a male Native American shapeshifter''. If this girl was one of my students I'd only have one advice for her: "Ko kenapa tak sudah-sudah carik pasal?''

Well to cut the crap short I found the movie rather slow-moving. I was so anticipating the fighting scenes to alleviate the boredom of listening to corny lines and cliche dialogues. Allow me to illustrate my point with some:
-Doesn't he own a shirt? (asks Edward the vampire to Bella the confused human girl about Jacob)
-Let's face it. I'm hotter than you. (replies Jacob the werewolf to the vampire)
-You're quite adorable when you're jealous.
-I promise to love you till my last breath (or something to that effect)
-Feel it, Bella. Flesh and blood...Warmth....
-I know you love me. You just don't want to admit it.

Maybe it's age. Maybe it's mid-life crisis. But I just don't get the ''brooding romance'' and ''gothic chills''. Black is not my favourite colour. Heck it's not even a colour. It's a non-coulour.

If I was Bella, I'd be having these issues:
1)die standing out of the boredom from everyday monotonous conversation totally devoid of any emotion whatsoever.
2)vow to change the Volturi (the so-called overseer aka Vatican clan in the vampire community) wardrobe from black to pink
3)always fight with Edward over use of lipstick cos he needs to look less pale and not arouse suspicion regarding his whitewash face.
4)but in the end choose Jacob the werewolf because every man in his house goes permanently shirtless and have six-packs and tattoos. And if they die the fur would make nice coats and rugs.

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  1. Papillon....heran juga you tak ikut the series. Maybe if you watch the first 2 movies, you can relate better kot

  2. Bro anwarz: most prob. now i understand how non LOTR fans feel when they watch the movies. :)