Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yesterday my journey home from work took 2.5 hours. Usually it takes only 40 minutes but the combination of heavy rain, slow traffic, it was a Friday, everybody needed to leave the office at the same time contributed to the massive crawl all the way from Bangi to Taman Tun.

As I reached the Petronas station at Taman Tun, I heard a loud explosion from the engine part of the car and lots of white steam came out from under the hood mengaburi pandangan. Luckily I was nearly home (so to speak) and could just park by the roadside. Imagine if it had happened while I was on the highway. Tak dapat nak bayangkan kemarahan dan cemuhan berpuluh ribu pengguna kenderaan yang lain kerana saya akan menyebabkan trafik bertambah perlahan.

And as I sat in the car waiting for help to arrive (nak keluar, hujan), I decided that should this incident cause my engine to go kaput and make me buy a new car, I'd get the new pink MyVi and change the upholstery to candy pink with white trimmings.

Kalau Superman yang datang membantu, dia pasti terbang dari langit dan turun ke bumi memakai spenda merah di luar kan? Tetapi yang datang menolong saya bukan Superman. Yang datang menyelamat datang membawa dua orang pomen berbangsa Nepal (nowadays even superheroes need to outsource. The labor cost is much lower).

It turned out that the radiator hose exploded. Nothing wrong with the engine at all. What they did was do a temporary fitting, took my car to the workshop to get it fixed today. After breakfast I will go and see how my purple car is doing. So no need to book that new pink MyVi after all.

And who needs Superman when you have Superbobo? Merci beaucoup ya. I owe you one :)

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