Monday, August 2, 2010

Aku tau la

Just now during French class we did a bit of oral Q&A in class to put into practice what we have done so far.

Madame Yati to student A: Tu t'appelles comment? (What is your name?)
Student A to student B: Pssst...madame suruh aku buat apa tu?
Student B to student A: Madame suruh ko gi tandas (quiet laughter in the background; nak gelak kuat-kuat takut madame Yati marah)
Student A to student B: Ek eleh nak menipu tu agak-agak ah. Aku tau la....

And student A went to the front of the classroom to erase the white board.

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  1. what the..?! hahahaha...!!

  2. hahaha.. malu bertanya sosek jalan..

  3. omg!! hope you gave him a lot of homework to catch up!

  4. bro red: heheh :)

    attiesya: ...tapi yang penting konfiden! :)

    nesa: heheh...i just laughed :)