Thursday, August 5, 2010

Masa tu you kurus

Yesterday we had the pleasure of receiving our new Chairman of the Board of Directors of MFI at our campus. During his visit to the institute we were treated to a video presentation of MFI and the staff.

In one of the animated slide shows, they showed pictures of the staff taken during the 2008 Aidilfitri gathering. Then my colleague who was sitting beside me elbowed me and said, "Ehh, itu gambar you Tie. Masa tu you kurus!"

If I had chosen to be in my self-denial mode, I would've loved to think that she was implying that I am now "lebih kurus" compared to that 2008 photo.

But of course I know better. After countless remarks which range from "Madame nampak bulat la muka tu." to "Ko macam dah gemuk sikit Tie ek?" I have come to realize that all this extra weight that I feel on my body did not come from the new red specs or extra rings that I am wearing on my finger. And maybe it's high time time that I do something about it.

So now I am thinking of a master plan for my new weight loss program while munching on my second kuih keria. Sedap betul kuih ni. Deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup. My safety blanket in times of need.

But how can you not like Fat/Oil/Gula and depend on them for some quiet reassurance? They even make up the words G-O-O-D F-O-O-D. Right?

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