Sunday, September 19, 2010

My pudgy fingers need time to type

After two weeks of total wipe-out from the blogging world, I have finally resuscitated attempts to at least type out a line or two. But 14 days of intensive sugar/fat/carbo-loading has left my brain quite befuddled. Nak mengeja ''resuscitate'' tu pun aku kena check dengan abang Wiki. But nevertheless I have started to come out of this fuzziness and begin to think that maybe just maybe if I started moving around a bit my brains would actually follow suit and function in full action mode. Dan lagipun kawasan tompokan selulit semakin menular memenuhi seluruh peha dan jika dibiarkan tompokan-tompokan jahat ini akan mengambilalih setiap inci lapisan epidermis ku.

So as a big leap towards self-motivation for physical activities I accompanied my girlfriend to her Muayfit session. Ikut dulu, nanti minggu depan saya pun buatlah. Kumpul semangat ni! And maybe when classes begin next week I might have the courage to stay away from the evil fat and call leafy greens and veggies my best friends.

But as I told my girlfriend during our lunch at KLCC after her work-out session, it's hard to ignore your celullite cells calling out to you for help when you decide to eat sensibly and healthily and include more fibre in your diet.

''Feed me! Feed me! I'm starving here. I need more fat!''. Itulah kata-kata yang sering dilaungkan mereka kepada saya. All these little voices running around in my head, playing havoc with my fitness plans.

And thus I finish the last remaining Portobello mushroom filled rosemary ravioli on my plate and enthuse to my friend, ''Sedap betul dia punya garlic cream sauce kan?''

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  1. and all this while, I thought that I was the only one 'hearing' the screams.. hehehe

  2. attiesya: heheh...kan? my problem is that i always hear food screaming out at me to eat them :)