Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do I know you?

In my bid to reignite my passion and interest for exercising (I have lately taken an extreme liking to lying horizontal with one hand holding the remote control while watching back-to-back series of NCIS and Criminal Minds, no thanks to ch 710) I finally took the final leap and stepped into the gym for the first time in many donkey years. A lot has changed: a complete turn-over of staff, a slight facelift in the decor and new instructors. But alas, less dance classes. Tapi tak apa lah. The fact that I have managed to drag myself into the gym after so long pun deserves a giant pat on the back *uhuk uhuk tersedak jangan la tepuk belakang aku kuat sangat*

After my work-out, at the towel counter to collect my gym card before leaving, I stood beside this cute Chinese looking guy (bermata sepet), waiting patiently to hand over my used towels. He was busy asking questions about his new membership and entah apa-apa lah lagi. I wasn't interested to know because I was quite annoyed with him for taking up too much time and there was only one boy manning the counter (notice the gender bias in the English language with the verb "to man" it proper to say a girl manning the counter?)

So I just looked at him with the hope that if he noticed me staring at him he'd shut up and leave.

But instead he looked at me and said, "Hai. Kenal saya?"

And I'm like whoa! ini sudah nak kena go into overdrive ni. 15 tahun punya student database nak kena retrieve bukan senang wo. But to save face I smiled back and say, "Apa khabar?"

He replied, "Khabar baik. Rajin pergi gym ya?"

"Tak rajin lah. Baru nak mula balik. How's work?"

"Good. Boleh la cari makan heheheh."

"Oh OK bagus lah. You dulu course apa ye? I can't seem to recall your face. I'm sorry. I teach so many students."

" tak pernah ajar saya rasanya..."

"Habis tu kenapa tanya saya kenal awak ke tak?" *in full Cikgu mode*

"Saje la. OK lah saya balik dulu."

And he walked away. And I was left there wondering and confused.

I looked at the towel boy and shrugged my shoulders. He looked at me and laughed.

"Hai akak tak kenal ke? Dia tu kan pelakon drama kat Astro tu? Si polan tu la!"

I use the word polan because even when the boy told me the actor's name it didn't ring a bell and by the time I reached my car outside I'd totally forgotten about it.

Kepada aktor drama bersiri tersebut, saya meminta maaf kerana tidak mengenali anda ketika anda bertanya kepada saya soalan cepumas itu. Please understand. I am just a teacher living in my own little delusional world of teacherdom. If you are a young adult male aged 18-23, you fit right into my student category. You smile at me and I will automatically start thinking: Diploma? Bachelor? Welding? Metal Fabrication? Automotive? Air Conditioning?

I have to start accepting the fact that not every young man wears the green or blue MFI jacket and safety boots. Some are actors. Others work in the gym. The rest either jual VCD at the pasar malam or participate in lumba haram.

Such a bleak outlook towards the youth of today. Can I blame this bad mood on PMS?

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  1. hohoho....dia rasa dia famous sgtlah tu!!!!

  2. tie..,
    you always put a smile om my face.. do that again.. aku pun dah jadi cam ko.. tapi to save myself the embarrassment aku terus tanye n u r? from which uni/grp?

  3. Ummi: heheh :)

    Kak Ani: Sumpah saya tak kenal! I need to watch more TV :)

    Faiz: heheh thanks for reading beb...sebelum ni lagi best...aku pernah tanya this guy at the gym if he was my student cos he looked familiar...dia kata tak...rupa-rupanya mamat tu norman kru (aku memang wanita blur) :D

  4. kalu norman kru pun hang x kenal ...memang blur ke tahap gaban.....hahaha...