Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Which floor are you going to?

My dad has been warded in HUKM since last Friday. He is going for a surgery this Thursday so the doctors are now preparing him for it and at the same time still trying to assess if he is fit enough to undergo the two surgeries that he needs to go through: the lung and heart surgery. So everyday I will go visit him during lunch break and after work.

Yesterday as usual after work I headed straight to HUKM. By the time I reached the hospital it was nearly 6pm so it was quite easy for me to look for a parking space. And lagipun tengah hujan lebat so kalau masa-masa hujan lebat ni orangramai tak berapa nak melawat hospital kot. I was even alone at the elevators.

I got into one and pressed the button to go to the 5th floor, where my dad is, in the surgery ward. But the thing is, the lift stopped at every floor and at each time it stopped, the lift doors would open and close and go up. By itself. And every time there would be no one outside who wanted to get into the lift.

So by the time I reached my floor and got out, I wondered how crowded that lift really was with "people". Brrrrr.

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