Saturday, October 2, 2010

My dad in CICU

Last Thursday my dad went for an open heart surgery to repair a 1cm leak around his artificial mechanical valve. Syukur Alhamdulillah he made it through the 5 hour operation although he is still at present in the CICU until Monday. Every day we will go and visit him, or rather just wait by his bed and let him sleep. Tak sampai hati nak berborak panjang because he is still so tired from the whole ordeal and needs as much rest as possible to recuperate.

Yesterday during visiting hours when it was my turn to go see him (for the CICU patients they are only allowed one visitor per visit) I just let him rest and did nothing except hang around his bed looking at the beeping monitors and all the green and yellow lines. Macam lah faham kan what all the readings meant. Tapi buat-buat tengok je la. My dad had all the different colored wires stuck to him. One for his heart beat, one for his arterial pressure, another for something else. And at least three IVs as well. So it was best not to wake him up because he will then want to move about to find a more comfortable position. Try lying immobile on a bed for at least one day and you will see how hurtful your bum can be.

When he finally opened his eyes and saw me, he asked if I had been waiting there long. And asked how I was. I told him gently to just carry on sleeping and not mind me. He nodded.

Then he opened his eyes again and beckoned me near. He loosened his oxygen mouth cover and said something intelligible. I bent nearer. Bapak aku ni nak cakap benda apa yang penting sangat ni?

He said again, "Ambik la gambar Papa dalam CICU ni. Tapi Papa tak sempat sikat rambut.''

But the nurses wouldn't allow it. They were afraid the photos might be posted on FB.

Leceh betul lah misi-misi zaman sekarang ni. Semuanya celik IT.

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  1. tersenyum ku membaca post ini, he is definitely getting better kan?

  2. iamwhoiam: Syukur Alhamdulillah yes he's getting better :)