Monday, October 11, 2010

Lawatan ke kilang Hitachi

Last Friday I went to Hitachi Electronics here in Bangi for the first time. I had to go there to visit a student who's currently doing his industrial training in that company. At the security booth, I had to register myself and surrender my driving license. I was given a vendor pass and showed the way to the visitor parking. Then I had to use the supplier entrance, which is rupa-rupanya not the proper main entrance. Since I had the vendor tag on me, that's the entrance that I had to take. They didn't have any Cikgu Bahasa Perancis yang menyamar sebagai vendor entrance.

As I entered, I was surprised to see so many people coming and going into the three corridors that divided the ground floor. Ramai sangat gadis-gadis muda. And they all looked at me and smiled. Then I realized something.

They were all five feet tall or less.

Do you all realize how tiny all these foreign female workers are? I was literally swarmed by them. Imagine a birthday cake with one tall candle sticking out of it. That was how I felt. I was lost in a sea of Indonesian midgets.

And to put the cherry on the top of the proverbial cake, upon leaving, when the security guard handed me back my driving license, he actually gave me a pantun dua kerat.

"Terima kasih daun keladi
Kalau senang datang lagi"

Part of their KPI perhaps? I'm impressed. And highly amused. :-)

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