Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A few weeks ago I installed this little application called Feedjit. I took the free version of course (being the real cheapo that I am). It's a nifty little gadget that tracks the visitors of my blog. So if you've clicked to visit, my Feedjit will be fidgeting to tell me where you come from. Sometimes I see there are people from Bandar (most probably my colleagus or students here in Bangi), from KL, from Penang, from Kuching, from Johor Bharu. Mungkin mereka semua rakan-rakan SMSS saya. And it's wonderful to know that I do get readers from other parts of the world as well.

Take for example:

-Tokyo, Japan: My friend Yuhana?
-Fort Illinois, Colorado : My Aunty Leha?
-Illinois, Chicago: Err..my Aunty Leha again?
-Manchester: My PhD friend?
-Birmingham: My other PhD friend?
-Dover: Err...my same PhD friend but signing in from another computer?

OK OK so maybe not many people read my blog. But hey you know what I have my own personal KPI. If I can make at least 5 people smile a day when they read Papillon Putih that is for me quite an achievement. I hope to touch the lives of others in my own wacky way. You could be one of my colleagus, my students, my friends, my family members. Or just an errant blog hopper who happened to stumble upon my writings. We might not keep in contact all the time but I hope this could be one of tho ways we can "keep in touch". Figuratively, of course. Heheheh.

So thanks again for reading guys. Ada la rasa berbaloi sikit menulis bila ada orang yang membaca. Kalau saya yang tulis saya yang baca macam syok sendiri pulak. Tak kisah la baca sebab suka saya atau baca sebab tak suka saya. At least I've made an impact. It's better than having made none at all.

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  1. shah alam should be me yaa miss papillon...
    u always make me smile...

  2. patunghujan: yeay! high five shah alam!! :D

  3. oklah mengaku. saya dari Birmingham. kawan di FB kira kawan jugak kan? :)

  4. hana_kirana: heheheh yeay!!! saya ada lebih dari dua kawan PhD di UK!! :D