Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I was up the whole night vomiting last night. And I honestly didn't know what was the cause of all this stomach problem. I just vomited and vomited until nothing came out except for the sickly green liquidy stuff. Now when people talk about hidup yang pahit hempedu, I've literally tasted it. And bile juice is not something you want to include in your daily menu.

All I remembered was that I had some cream buns and sugar cane juice while at the hospital visiting my dad during lunch time yesterday. He's been warded for a couple of days for some tests to check his urinary tract (or so I think). At that time everything seemed okay. We chatted a bit, read newspapers while I munched on my snack. And then chatted some more before I realized that visiting hours were over by 15 minutes.

Cepat-cepat saya salam dan cium tangan bapa saya. Dan bergegas keluar. They had already closed the front door of the ward. I grabbed the handle and turned. Nothing happened. I was locked in!

I tried again and again. Penat memulas saya cuba menolak. Kemudian kedengaran suara misi dari kaunter memberitahu, ''Kak itu Bilik Linen. Pintu keluar yang lagi satu tu.''

Oh. That was when I knew my day was not going to turn out all peachy.

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