Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Apa nak buat lagi makan je lah

These are some of the dishes I sampled while on a short weekend holiday with besties to Penang to visit another girlfriend.

So basically it was like this: if we weren't eating we we either in front of the telly doing absolutely nothing or driving around the island cursing at almost every single Penang driver. I swear to God their road courtesy factor is -54.

And now I have to start on my ''I have to lose 5 kg by 31/1/11'' plan with the same makan-makan friends to get prepared for the next culinary treats and delights during our next jalan-jalan trip.

But needless to say with all that face-stuffing during the road trip I am feeling a little bit fat. I may have put on a few kilos. In fact, if I bend down, my big butt could probably be seen from the moon.

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