Friday, December 10, 2010

Kereta Katak

Last night I went for a seafood dinner with a few friends. On the way to Kayu Ara, we stopped at a traffic light, behind a VW Beetle. When the traffic light turned green, we drove off as usual. Then my friend's dad looked at the VW Beetle in front of us and said, "Wah! That car reversing is it?"

Heheh. Cute eh? A car that looks the same depan belakang. Like the Audi TT. Jalan ke depan pun macam gostan.

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  1. sy pn panggil kereta katak jgk
    dulu sgt laa jakun bila tgk kereta tu
    ada 2 buah je kt kg sy

  2. cik teruterubozu: ingat tak masa kecik2 dulu enjin keta katak ni kat belakang? ;)