Saturday, January 1, 2011


Many people are getting married on this date. Today. In fact I am going to attend a wedding in a bit. Me? I've missed the bandwagon. I'll try for 1.11.11. Or 11.11.11. Whichever comes first. Yes. 11 months from now sounds plausible and achieavable. I will start sending out resumes on Monday. Any parties interested?

Anyway, here's wishing all of you a wonderful year ahead. It has been an eventful 2010 but somehow or another we managed to pull through so let us hope for nothing less in 2011. :-)

Que vous souhaiter de mieux!
Une parfaite santé pour vous et vos proches,
De la prospérité et de la passion dans vos activités,
De l’amour autour de vous durant toute l’année
Passez une très Bonne Année 2011

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