Friday, January 7, 2011


Yesterday I felt like having something sweet. So I went to the nearest doughnut shop and had one dark cherry doughnut and ordered one hot drink. While paying, the cashier told me that the drink will come later.

I went to sit down and wait. Sambil itu saya mula menikmati donut berinti ceri dan coklat putih yang sungguh enak itu.

Then one of the kids said to me:
-Bon appétit!

Which, in French, meant "selamat menjamu selera".

I just smiled and wondered if he was an MFI student moonlighting here.

Then the cashier called out to me;
-Kak, bon appétit!

Wah! Ramainya yang boleh speaking Paris di kedai ni. Saya pun senyum kepadanya dan berkata "Merci!"

Then another kid came up to me and said;
-Akak, teh akak dah siap.

Ohhh. One apple tea. Aku dengar macam bon appétit.
Sori ye dik. Akak ni sound trouble sikit.

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