Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Low BP

Today I woke up feeling giddy and nauseous. After taking my pulse and resting heart rate, I went back to bed hoping that the room would stop spinning if I closed my eyes. OK the going back to bed part was true. Ambik pulse reading and resting heart rate tu tipu belaka.

In the afternoon my mom sent me to the clinic. The doctor was of African origine. Bila dia cakap dengan saya, dia ulang semua soalannya dua kali. I am guessing to help in better understanding and communication. But it only confused me more.

-When was you last time you had your period? Period? Menstruation?
-Did you eat normally yesterday? Normal? Like every other day?

Major, major, major verbal diarrhea.

But we discussed a bit and I let out that yesterday I took some spirulina supplements for the first time. He asked me again the name of the supplement. I told him and spelled it out for him. He googled spirulina on his laptop and said something about how it's called in his native country. And then continued to inform me about what side effects spirulina can have on its user. Low BP, giddiness, weight gain, fatigue, lethargy, acne etc. etc. etc.

In short, I'm probably allergic to seaweed.

Then outside, while waiting for my medicine, the makcik sitting beside me asked me what sickness I had. I told her I was allergic to spirulina.

-Apokobondo seprulina tu nak? Macam namo artis pun ado!

Pastu mak saya pun sampai.

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