Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FB status

Last night I wrote a status update on my FB wall that read: "Hai bila nak kawin laki kaya ni."

For me it's just a something off the cuff bila terpikir rasa nak tulis terus type out on my wall. Most of my friends just laughed at me and some even gave some useful tips. But what surprised me was the significant number of people who messaged me to say that it was not appropriate for me to put up such a status. "Kalau nak kawin laki kaya pun tak payah la bagitau semua orang.", kata salah seorang dari pihak membantah.

OK here are some of the status updates I've written (just the so very few that I've selected, I realize that I update nearly every other day, jap-jap lagi kena join FB Anonymous...and Big Boss if you're reading this please oh please don't ban FB at the worklace I will so suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms and might need to resort to comfort food binge-ing for solace):

-All this pillow hitting on fb can give me a brain haemorrhage.
-For a more balanced nutrition, include fruits and veggies in your diet. Have more apple pie and carrot cake.
-Selama ni aku ingat aku ni orang Perancis yang makan tempe. Rupa-rupanya aku ni sebenarnya orang Jawa yang makan cheese.
-....*no status update available at the moment...we apologize for any inconvenience caused*
-Ramai orang kata pipi saya nampak tembam. Tapi adakah ia sebenarnya efek ilusi dari pemakaian spek mata merah bersegi empat?
-Saya akan melakukan sedikit kerja pengintipan hari ini. Jangan sesiapa cuba menghalang.

So guys if you take all my status updates at face value I guess you can safely assume that I am fit for the mental institution :)))

For me the status update is most of the time just another outlet for my whimsical thoughts and fancies. Rilek la kawan hidup kena gelak-gelak sikit. Kalau nak cari drama dan gaduh-gaduh sila ke dinding lain. Tu ha ada yang laki bini bergaduh semua nak tulis kat FB pun ada. So if you want more excitement that's where you want to be. I'm just a boring old girl with sporadic wacky thoughts to share with you, whenever my brain juices are working. Tapi yang penting gua HAPPY! :))

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