Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ikan laut dalam

During dinner last night, my niece was talking about how she wanted to live in the deep sea and be one of the deep sea fishes. We were all trying to understand why.
-It would be fun! Every day I can swim and play in the water.

I told her that it would be boring as there would be no Astro.
-Kalau dalam air tak boleh pasang TV la Aina. Takde elektrik.
-It's OK Mak Long. If I'm a deep sea fish I can do so many other things in the sea. I want to be friends with the big long shiny fish.
-Huh? Ikan apa tu?

Then her mother informed us that she wanted to be buddies with the electric eel.
-Haa Aina! Kalau Aina kawan the electric eel masalah selesai. Boleh tengok TV. Ada karan.

Then she kept quiet and looked at me.
-Huh. It's so hard talking to grown-ups. They don't have imagination.

Eh? Tengok TV di laut dalam menggunakan belut elektrik sebagai gen set tu tak cukup imaginasi ke? :))

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