Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday I bought a new handphone during a road show in a shopping mall in KL. When I reached Bangi the person who sold me the phone called me to say that she had inserted the wrong sim card and that I had to go back to the shopping mall to get it replaced, failure to do which I will not be able to convert my pre-paid line to a post-paid one. Which was something that I had to do (the conversion) to be able to register for the data plan. But since I was already at work so I told the person to courier me the new sim card.

Today I received the new sim card. But now the problem is that it is not the micro sim type that would fit into the phone. It is too large. So in short, the sim card that fits snugly in my new handphone now is not the right one to use and the new one that I had just received to replace the current one does not fit at all but is supposed to be the right one.

It cannot get any dumber than that.

So tomorrow I guess I need to go to the nearest telecommunications centre to get this mix-up fixed. And hopefully I might be able to use my handphone at last.

As I am typing this, I may seem calm and collected. There is even a little smile on my face. But take off this mask I have and wipe off this fake smile and you will see a highly anger-crazed woman screaming ''PUTAIN DE BORDEL DE MERDE!!'' on top of her lungs.

OK. Putting my fake mask back on. Peace.

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