Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Early this morning I was rudely awakened by the ringing of my handphone.

a) I felt very annoyed with myself for not putting it on silent mode.
b) I was at the same time worried because getting calls at odd hours usually means bad news.

-Aaa. Jiudy? Jiudy aa?
-Wrong number.
-Aiyah. Long numbher ah?
-Yiu bukan Jiudy aa?
-Ok ok soli aa. Sudta salah tekan.
-Eh eh tadi lu tido ka?
-Taaaaak...wa tengah lari setempat wo..
-Haahahaha lu manyak kelaka aa...ini jam manyak awal pagi pun lu boleh cakap itu macam...hahah-

Click. I switched off my handphone. The Apek was still laughing when I cut him off.

Then I went back to sleep, hoping to meet this Apek in my dreams, so that I could punch him in the face for disrupting my precious sleep.

Judy. Takde nama lain ke. Bagi la aku nama yang moden sikit. Sherrilee ke. Tinkerbell ke.

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  1. they seem to like the name 'Fanny' also... dunno why. LOL

  2. majorbabe: Oh God yes...and Pinky too believe it or not :-)

  3. oh i have another one - Peoney - tak boley tahan nak gelak. Hok glamer la kot.