Monday, August 22, 2011

Momoi saya sakit

That is my cat Momoi sitting on some music sheets as he knows that will be a sure way of getting my attention.

Last Saturday he fell ill. He just slept all day and refused to eat. My mom took him to the vet's and he was diagnosed with suffering from jaundice. For quite some time, it seems, since the symptoms appear much later. Kesian Momoi. Gusi dan matanya kuning. Dia muntah-muntah dan tidak lalu makan. Doktor terpaksa membuat pemeriksaan darah.

Today the vet's assistant called to inform that we can take him home. But he has to be on medication for seven days by the end of which we will bring him back to the clinic for check-up. The blood test results also came in. His liver is not damaged, BUT he has fatty liver and high cholesterol. I am now sketching out the design for my mini cat gym, complete with a cat treadmill and tiny cat dumb bells. Tak sangka kucing pun boleh ada masalah kolesterol tinggi.

And when I get the vet's bill for consultation and boarding and blood test and all the pills, my blood also will go upstairs.

Tapi yang penting Momoi saya kembali sihat! :-)

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