Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flag flash cards

The other day I played a flag flash card game with my students. I'd show them a card with a flag and they'd give me the name of the country in English. Then I'd write the name in French on the board.

The students were really focusing hard because I told them the record for least mistakes was held by a 12 year old boy I have tuition class with. Only one mistake out of the 54 cards. So everybody discussed and made sure they got the right answer before giving me the "jawapan muktamad".

They were doing good until I showed them this particular card. One of them suddenly put up his hands and said to the rest, "Alaaah! Alaaah! Belanda!". The others looked at him quizzically since the Dutch flag was already guessed earlier on.

-Weh kan dah tunjuk dah tadi bendera Belanda?
-Tu ha...Belanda! Belanda!
-Apahal ko ni?
-Alahai... ayam Belanda!!!

I was showing them the flag of Turkey.

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