Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dr Aina

Last Sunday, my niece and I, we chilled together in the bedroom. Well actually I was just lying around doing absolutely nothing while she played "the one and most important doctor in the hospital who had to do everything from checking in the patient to analyzing blood test results to wheeling the patient into the operating theatre because the nurse aka Mak Long was busy playing games on her iPhone".

She grumbled about that the whole time but kept on play acting anyway not only because she just loves playing doctor and she wants to be one when she grows up and also because "I'm just too talkative to sit still".

That day she had three patients: a snake, a crocodile and a bear. Her three fluffy toys were lined up waiting for their turn to see the doctor. She attended to the snake first and diagnosed him with having a bad back pain. He had to go for back massages. The crocodile had a toothache and was prescribed some "tooth medicine" (Dr Aina says it's very effective). Then she went to the last patient she had that day.

-Oh good day Mr Bear what can I do for you? Oh really? You're not feeling well? Here let me check you with my stethoscope...Ohhh no! You're not sick! You just have ketiak masam!

So in a nutshell, Dr Aina will not entertain patients with BO issues.

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