Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just a little annoyed today

Today I am feeling more than a little annoyed actually (contrary to what the title of this blog posting indicates) with this person I know. But I guess I will just have to be patient and let this anger thingy pass me by because hey, this person doesn't give a crap anyway. Do you people realize how men can simply ignore you when you are in merajuk mode and just hope that it will just subside and then act as if nothing happened? Siap boleh buat-buat lawak lagi.

Well anyway I wish I had super duper powers that can transform people into objects. Then I would just go to this person's FB page, look at the profile picture and just stare and focus my super duper powers on it, so that in real life, wherever that person may be on the planet at that point of time, he would be transformed into any object desired. Like a roll-on deodorant, for example. Yang dijual di sebuah pasar mini yang terletak di sebuah lokasi di mana populasi pekerja asing berbangsa Bangla/Myanmar/Nepal amatlah tinggi dan kebarangkalian deodoran ini akan dibeli oleh salah seorang dari pekerja asing yang tidak mandi pagi adalah 99.7%.

And each time the deodorant is used up, hey presto it magically refills itself and it ends up on the shelves of the same pasar mini, only to be snapped up by another person yang tak suka mandi pagi. And this vicious cycle continues, until this person says sorry dan pujuk saya.

Groundhog Day, with a karmic twist.

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  1. Wah! Marah sungguh tu.....I hv never seen you marah tau! X like...x like! Just ignore jer manusia tu.....