Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cerita orang jahat

A few days ago I was watching a crime show with my niece on the telly. Ini jenis cerita yang ada bunuh-bunuh dan kejar-mengejar naik kereta. Not a good show to watch with a kid actually but we were zapping when we saw this scene in which the murderer tried to kill the victim in his cab. My niece was so engrossed watching the babak separa seram.

-Eeeee Mak Long takutnya! Orang jahat tu pemandu teksi ye? Dia nak bunuh perempuan tu?
-Yup looks like it.
-This is so scary Mak Long!
-Relax Aina it's just a TV show. Ini semua make-believe.

My niece got a little confused so I tried to explain to her.

-Ini kan semuanya lakonan. Apa nak takut. Ada cameraman, ada director...
-Oh...dalam teksi tu ada cameraman sekali?
-Yup! To shoot the scene!
-OWH. He's so lucky then! He didn't get killed by the orang jahat!

Then it was Mak Long's turn to get confused.

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