Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Just now I sms-ed a person, Mr N, to tell him about an advertisement for a house that he put up for rent here in Bangi that I was interested in. He replied saying that he wants to set an appointment for me and his wife to see the house tomorrow afternoon. I agreed. Then I typed out another sms to another friend asking about where she stayed during her trip to Paris, as another friend of mine was looking for a decent place to stay for his trip there soon. And at the same time I had students coming in to see me for their slide presentations. And my boss called to ask about a training proposal. Semua di waktu yang sama. Multitasking was never my forte but nevertheless things straightened out.

Or so I thought.

Because five minutes later, I received another sms from Mr N, asking me,
"You ni nak tengok rumah sewa ke nak ajak I pergi Paris?"


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