Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Girls' day out

Today is girls' day out with my niece. So we went to One Utama for some arts and craft. Even at 11.30am, the basement parking was already quite full. As I was driving around looking for a parking space, I made a remark about this. She replied: "In Aina's world Mak Long there's no problem about parking. All the cars can fly. You should live in my world." Hmm. Maybe I should ask her about the air traffic congestion over at her side. Nak kena bayar tol kat mana? Road tax reduced by how many percent? But that would all have to wait. Because right now little missy's busy doing her angry bird notice board at Get Crafty.


  1. if all the cars can fly, won't u have to pay the 'air' tax instead of road tax? =p

  2. Heheh. Air tax and road tax and road toll and air toll. :)