Friday, January 6, 2012

Grocery shopping

A couple of days ago I went to a hypermarket for some grocery shopping. I had two lists: one from my mom and another one that is reimbursable so I needed two separate bills. So at the checkout counter I put the things that I could claim for payment first since ada 3-4 barang jer. And I told the cashier that I wanted to pay twice.

"Adik akak bayar barang-barang ni asing. Yang sikit dulu lepas tu baru yang banyak kat belakang tu."

The adik nodded.

"Adik akak nak dua resit ye."

The adik nodded again. And maybe rolled his eyes a bit.

So after scanning the prices for the 3-4 stuffs from the second list, the adik put them all in a plastic bag. I paid him, put the plastic bag into my trolley and started to walk away.

Then I heard the adik shouting:"Akak! Ni barang yang banyak-banyak ni siapa nak bayor?"I had totally forgotten about the things from my mom's grocery list.

Gula, krimer, glo, softlan, roti, telur, minyak, kitchen roll, sosej, nugget, burger, susu, oats semuanya melambak di sebelah adik cashier yang kebingungan.

And as he was scanning the prices, he said, "Sebelum ni kan kak, ada orang pernah lupa henbeg, lupa bawak duit, lupa ambik balik kad kredit. Tapi akak sorang je boleh lupa nak bayar barang."

Oh well.

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