Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Buying lunch at the cafe

Just now I went to the cafeteria to buy my lunch. Very sedap by the way alhamdulillah I had some rice with fried chicken and tempe goreng sambal and nenas masak lemak. While making my selection of food, a student came up to me and greeted me.

-Assalamualaikum madam.
-Waalaikumussalam. Bonjour. How are you?
-I'm OK madam. Errr madame are you teaching Diploma this semester?
-Oh OK. I want to ask you some questions la madam. Saya tak paham.
-Ok sure. I'm in room A004.
-Thank you madam. Saya ni bangsa ketegaq, bila belajaq pun lambat masuk.
-Errr ok. Are you in French 1 or 2?
-French 1. Apa kena-mengena madam?
-Dah awak kata nak tanya soalan tadi?
-Ya Allah madam ni madam Yati ajaq French kaaa...mati-mati saya ingat madam Yati maths. Sorry madam!

And he sped off.

And I continued choosing my food, went to the counter to pay, and went back to my office.

Kalau makan tengahari di ofis seronok sedikit. Ada kawan. Tapi yang paling penting ada aircond. Sejuk!

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