Friday, November 7, 2014

It's a strange world

This morning on my way to work I stopped by a convenience store to top up my T&G card. The store is the one that opens 24 hours and whose name starts with the number (5+2=?) and followed by a hyphen and ends with the number after 10 but spelled out. Haaaa sudah dapat? Bagus.

The boy at the cashier looked bored right out of his skull. Most probably he was impatient to wait for his shift to end. The girl who just came in to replace him also wasn't smiling and put on the most sour face that a person can possibly have. I smiled and said hi to her. She totally ignored me. I asked her kenapa masam sangat dik pagi-pagi ni? She denied and told me mana ada! So I took a bottle of soya bean out from the big fridge and put it right beside her at the counter. At the end of 5 minutes, it curdled and changed into tofu. I showed it to her. Just to prove my point. She didn't find it amusing. At all. Not only does she lack zygomatic muscles, she also doesn't share my sense of humour. Oh well.

After topping up my toll card, I went to my car and found a big black cat waiting for me at the car. He beckoned me near and informed me of my clothing mishap. Kenapa? Zip kain terbukak ke? Si hitam berbulu menunjuk ke arah lengan baju kurung saya. Lengan kiri. Saya tengok dekat-dekat. Ada macam kesan tompok bulat. That got me perplexed. Saya belum pun makan sarapan lagi. Kucing hitam datang menghampiri dan mencium lengan baju kurung saya. Hmmm...snif sniff....hmmm...smells like tofu katanya.

And from the corner of my eye I saw that cashier girl with the sour face snickering from inside the shop.

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