Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Diary dialogues

My niece has a very active mind. She easily gets transported into some faraway land in a blink of an eye. Sometimes a ball pen can be a handsome prince trying to save the sharpener princess from the clutches of ze evil ruler monster. Sometimes a paper alien conducts English class to a group of safari animals. Sometimes my handphone delivers a thank you speech to my two cats.

Yesterday she was looking at a MARA yearly planner (I think; I was beside her playing Word Scramble) and as she was turning the pages, she created conversations between all the photos of politicians and public figures who were honored from January to December. 

"Assalamualaikum Datuk. Jangan lupa petang ni Datuk ada appointment dengan Datuk Onn Jaafar. Lepas tu Datuk ada dinner dengan Tan Sri Ghaffar Baba. Siapa? OH...saya tak pasti la Datuk...Tan Sri Ghaffar dari company mana tapiiii...yang saya pasti dia bukan tukang gunting rambut. Get it? Barber? Baba? Hahahaha. Oh okay I'm sorry if you didn't find it funny Datuk. Alaaa kita ni kannnn *sengau* hidup mesti la suka-suka...gembira...hepi-hepi leww *double sengau* bla bla bla"

Nampak tak pengaruh drama bersiri dalam dialog di atas?
Dengan sedikit unsur lawak budak darjah enam.

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