Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pet talk

A few days ago I met up with a few friends for coffee and a little discussion. One of my friends brought along his elderly uncle.

After the short discussion we chatted a bit and came to the topic of pets. Everybody at the table were animal lovers and each one owned a pet or two so we sort of  ''updated the statuses'' of all the pets.

I told them about mine. The elderly uncle asked what animals I had at home. So I told him that I currently only have two 12 year old cats. I wanted to call them my geriatric babies tapi nasib baik sempat tahan diri sebab nanti takut elderly uncle tu kecik hati dan ingat saya perli dia. Tapi memang betul kucing-kucing saya tu dah tua. So old that when I go to bed at night I will just take either Tina or Momoi to be my hot water bottle because all the do is sleep sleep sleep. And they happily oblige.

The elderly uncle asked me what other pets I used to have. So I told him about Jimmy Snail, my pet siput and Agus our pet turtle. Tapi dua-dua dah tak ada. We kinda miss Agus because even if he was just a turtle and muka takde perasaan but still he seemed happy when anyone got home. Food source home, tummy happy. Bersemangat saya bercerita pasal Agus. Uncle hanya mendengar sambil tersenyum.

So kita pun borak-borak sikit dalam setengah jam. Then the elderly uncle apologized and said he had to leave. And thanked us for keeping him company sambil minum kopi.

When the old man left, I quickly turned to my friend and said, ''Nasib baik aku tak cakap kucing aku geriatric. Kalau tak mesti your uncle will feel offended.''

My friend replied, "Memang la ko tak sebut pasal kucing ko tua. Tapi ko tau tak? Nama uncle aku  tu Agus."

So I got up, went to the corner of the room and kicked myself.

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