Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New speakers

Yesterday I had some problems setting up my laptop in class. I had just bought a new set of speakers and was struggling to get any sound come out of them. I restarted, unplugged the cables, plugged them back on, tried again. Still nothing.

Then of the students who were sitting in front offered to help. I explained to him lengthily about my issue and offered some possibilities as to why this might have happened. Faulty speakers, virus infection, media player not functioning properly, jerebu, bad hair day bla bla bla.

He came to my table, looked at the screen, turned up the laptop volume which was on mute, smiled at me, and went back to his seat.

His friend sitting next to him said,"It's OK madame. My mother also like dat. She say donno why, when I check she forget to on something.''

''Ada sekali tu she open fridge but tak tau kenapa.''


''Madame pun like dat kan?"

snigger snigger


''OK OK sorry madame.''

namun gelak kecil masih kedengaran

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