Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aina the anchovy

Aina is a little girl who thinks she's an anchovy. Every day when she comes home from kindergarten, she quickly goes up to her room and puts her bag on the bed. Then she sits by the window and looks out into the backyard, imagining that the tiny plot of land is the big big ocean. Her eyebrows crinkle as she looks closer. She can see all the lovely fishes swimming past her. Big ones. Little ones. In all shapes and pastel hues that she so adores. Her favourite one is a pink angel fish that she calls Wriggly. Each time she draws the curtain open to look out the window, Wriggly will be the first to swim towards her, until he is within arm's length, and waggle his long flowing tail at her. Maybe to say hello? She doesn't really know. Aina, you see, doesn't understand Wriggly speak.

Whenever Wriggly beckons her to join them, she will first close her eyes to find that quiet place in her mind where she can be with all the fishes. Then she opens them back et voilà! she is surrounded by all her Lovelies. Deep in the middle of the sky blue waters, floating dreamily, enjoying the rhythm of the ocean.

But she is always the only anchovy amongst her sea friends. And sometimes she wonders , " Why is that so?"

But then again, she can't really ask any one of them, can she? Because after all, she doesn't understand Wriggly speak.

Why am I the only anchovy here? Where are the rest? The questions play in her mind. Round and round, like a colourful carousel, playing in her mind.

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  1. Yatie, you know you should really start writing books for kids! This is indeed a superb read. I found it soooo fun to read and I bet kids would love them too. Think about it, Yatie!

  2. Hi Jo. Thanks a lot. I hope my niece is happy now. She got her story :)